DD-WRT Router Tutorial

Atheros based DD-WRT Routers

Atheros based DD-WRT routers typically use a hardware specific build of DD-WRT that can only be installed on model of router, so each Atheros model has its own version. Typically, Atheros routers with 4MB of flash have similar feature sets to Broadcom routers with DD-WRT Standard, while Atheros routers with 8MB or more have similar features to DD-WRT Mega. Atheros firmwares also typically have more options for radio controls than Broadcom routers.  All Atheros models support repeater and AP implementations, however repeater configuration is different than in Broadcom routers as Atheros does not have an entry on the wireless tab for repeater mode.

For tutorials on how to configure an Atheros based DD-WRT router use the links that appear when hovering over the Atheros link above.

For Atheros based routers with one radio the wireless tab looks similar to the photo below. If it does not look similar to this, then you may have a Broadcom based model.